2020 Films

Harry Potter Series + Grindelwald
Harry Potter Series + Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes of Grindelwald

On this photograph, I pay tribute to one of my favorite Hollywood actors, Mr. Johnny Depp.

And finally after a year of filming, editing and marketing distribution rights to over 60 nations, the USA release of the action-comedy movie ‘El Coyote’ was October 4, 2019. Click the trailer listed at the end of this story and have a taste for the best action/comedy film to come out of Hollywood this year.

My feature performance in ‘El Coyote’ comes as a surprise to me also.

As my agent called me on one cold Arizona morning, it was November 2018 I may add.

I was barely getting out of bed and pouring me some hot chocolate, when (My agent) calls me from her fancy Scottsdale AZ office and says, ‘get your ass out of bed and go audition to be put on a restaurant scene at this Italian joint as an extra’.

Long story short, after meeting the producer and having a couple interactions with my Italian dialogue, he said, forget about the ‘being an extra’ on this movie. You will be ‘Francesco’, my nephew on the film. Evidently the pay should be a major difference too, right? Well, he said ‘here, your dialogue, go home, we start shooting Monday’.

The rest is now history.

In conclusion, having played Francesco, the nephew to the lead actor in this film, provided me with another great addition to my acting resume. Not only because it may be my finest acting work, just as other greats you may recognize if you are a movie buff.

We are now part of this BIG family, what else do you want when you are a young actor? finessing and mingling with some of the finest people in the industry, right? In this film you did see Tom Sizemore from ‘Saving Private Ryan’ among other greats in Hollywood.

Not bad to start off my 2020 I must say, in the movie ‘My Uncle’ Spencer which in order to protect one of our own, has the complete Italian mob descend on the USA/Mexico border, to take on the most powerful cartel in America. That is in a nutshell the synopsis my friends, plain and simple.

President Trump would be proud to know this film was certainly made, right here in Arizona and between some California and Mexico spots, We are totally making America Great again. That’s all I can say for now.

I am also excited for the red carpet events and premiere to my appearance in a new film this year 2020 called EXPOSURE, scenes I worked in were filmed in January and February just a few months ago and directed by Colten Dietz and starring Eric Roberts among other tremendous actors-what a fantastic film to end quarantine COVID-19.

El Coyote (Feature Film)