My boat is bigger…

On Dec 30th I had the opportunity to board my Carnival Magic ship and sail to the caribbean. The cruise is a fantastic way to see various countries, enjoy marvelous food, see the towns you want and meet the locals while on a few excursions.


We sailed from Port Canaveral in Florida, the place where space shuttles are launched to the moon and other planets, or just plain exploration. Basically that’s what I love doing while on this cruise. Our first stop was Grand Turk (Turks & Caicos), the snorkeling was amazing, a paradise on earth pretty much.


Next came our visit to the Dominican Republic. We anchored on Amber Cove Port, this is the actual shore where Christopher Columbus first landed when traveling with the Nina, La Pinta and La Santa Maria into the New World. Later we took a tour to Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada and Sosua-had a couple private catamaran sail boats take us on a morning snorkel, had a yummy lunch aboard, then an afternoon snorkel-probably the most fun I’ve had this year. I know for sure that I am now addicted to snorkeling.


The U.S. Virgin Islands had tremendous damage from Irma and Maria (tropical storms and hurricane) and so the visit there was deleted from our itinerary.

We did make a day stop in Old San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico-a United States territory. The Island is enchanted, literally, called ‘La Isla del Encanto’ because of it. I had the chance to do a self-paced walking tour in Old San Juan Fortress named in honor of Christopher Columbus, then Castle of San Felipe which is almost next door. Walked the cobble-stone streets and also had lunch with the locals. Puerto Ricans are very sociable, friendly and sweet. Had a chance to see ‘La Perla’ which is the location where Zuleyka Rivera first appears with Luis Fonsi in the opening scene of ‘Despacito’ – the most watched music video in the world.

Puerto Rico

It is almost the end of January 2018 and I feel like I want to go back for another cruise in the Spring, Summer or Fall. Maybe Xcaret or Playa del Carmen in Mexico. I do have one booked to Cabo San Lucas in October for sure, this time with Norway Cruise Line.

Thank you for reading about my end-of-the-year activities. I feel sharing personal experiences gives us a wider view of our surroundings. This internet ‘free’ knowledge sharing method seems to be working for many, whether for business, pleasure or just passing the time. I wish the best for you also, have a fantastic year.


Keep  in touch!

Carlos Solis

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Germany beats Chile 2-1


I totally celebrated Germany’s win yesterday in Russia as the 2017 Confederations Cup final match came to an end, these exhilarating ninety minute match made them winners against Chile. Portugal took third, even with the most valued player in ranking in the world (Ronaldo), Portugal did not come out on top, as many news networks had forecasted, and Mexico settled for the fourth place.

For now, the memories that will stand the test of time are how strategic was the German team to achieve the title in the Confederations Cup 2017. They played Chile well, they let Chile pull out all their best ‘plays’ during the first 20 minutes. Chile had plenty of chances to score but did not. Chile played beautifully, for those twenty minutes for sure.

While Germany just stood there figuring out how to take down the RED (Chile’s nick name in Spanish is LA ROJA) due to being the only South American team wearing all bright red colors in their uniform.

I admire the German team as they executed beautifully, matching Chile’s speed they only took advantage of fast and accurate plays, every time Chile made an error and every time Chile lowered their guard. Chile never expected to be scored the way it did. Germany scored only one goal, but only the one needed to be champions of the world again.

I am certain that all the strong contenders coming to Russia for the Fifa World Cup in 2018 will be watching how and if Germany takes the GOLD again. I would not doubt Germany anymore, they really know how to play the game of soccer well.

Scared to lose – UNC

As I watched UNC take home the national championship in college basketball, I realized how much one has to prepare to win.

UNC did not just get to the finals based on tenure in the sport, recruiting the best or being the first public university in the nation. You and I know that Michael Jordan got to play with this now favorite team before he got recruited by the NBA. And no, it is not the reputation the school has that got the 2017 team from UNC to the finals. They got to the Final Four giving everything they had. They had to beat a ton of other really good teams.

Gonzaga has a tremendous team and  they also, I am sure, had pictured themselves receiving the championship trophy. To me they are both equally good, but when it comes to receiving the prize, this factor made the difference-UNC fought with everything they had, focused and determined. They may have been scared to lose, but the winner inside them overcame all fear.

All the long hours practicing, picturing their best plays at work and then performing them with key strategic moves that even in the last few seconds were able to put into practice, under extreme pressure-got them to win. I believe you too, can reach your goals, everything you set your mind to do. 

Give it everything you got, be focused, determined. Prepare yourself to receive the prize.

And also, don’t let a giant, scare you…


Carlos Solis Productions

Welcome to my new home. The United States of America!

This year (2017) started off with me earning my United States Citizenship with an official oath on January 20th. The very same day Mr. Donald Trump became the 45th President. More reasons to celebrate, since now I can say I got something in common with Donald Trump Ha Ha!

As I ponder on what a great year this has been, I encourage you to keep an open mind, especially when SO much information is available online and from various sources. Some reliable and some not so reliable. Learning can come from the least expected source, person, location and even modality. But your first gut almost always is correct.

Secondly, adjusting to change is always a must. Just like going to college is no longer the absolute source to learn, or how encyclopedias were at one point of our lives in the late 1900’s. Haha-I start to sound a little old just now…no worries, we are ALL getting old my friend.

Thirdly. I have learned so much, even from folks who I thought did not have anything to contribute to my growth-how wrong was I. For example, this year social media, technology and politics have made a huge impact in our daily lives, as I also expect our economies of scale and micro (at the home level) will be experiencing a major surge just as well due to bonds and other investments paying huge dividends after all.

So have a great day, whether you stop to hear someone totally foreign to your schedule today or someone that you had an appointment with, make the best of it and may your results this week be as productive as you want them to be.


Carlos Solis



I am here to welcome you to our new page. Carlos Solis Productions is growing and changing with the times. Because the only constant that remains is change.

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