About CSP


Carlos Solis, founder of CSP, a University of North Carolina alumni, has been a marketing and media guru for more than a decade. His take off in media started when called upon to help with international sales growth at Hafele Hardware and Burlington Industries, then consulting projects with local banks. With Solis, these companies achieved record sales goals in nations across Europe, the Pacific Rim, Asia and Latin America.

Consequently, with funds saved during preliminary work, Mr. Solis started two newspapers in the Carolinas and a magazine in New York City. More recently CSP was busy on individual contracts contributing to the progress of companies as diverse like Google, Inc., Victoria’s Secret, MD Helicopters, Citi Group, and BDS among others.

CSP prides itself in mainstream, grassroots and social media marketing, with a twist. Not only do we speak business Spanish and take your company to new heights but we accomplish financial goals on time. The goal is to enable seamless, indispensable communication between you and your customers.

As an SEO manager and strategist, reliable discipline using analytics, metrics and results driven programs give us a leading edge. We define our work by the quality and integrity that can be seen in each and every project, we take on.

Mr. Solis was labeled a down-to-earth, humble, and hard-working individual with strong connections, and a powerful approach to getting things done. Title we do not take lightly.

Should you need someone with these credentials, link up and let us know how we may be of assistance, because we’re all in this together. We are centered on interactions with people, not merely monetary transactions.

On the photography and film arena, we just happen to be really good at, request a quote via our ‘contact’ page. Just make sure to engage today-we will provide you with our prompt and amazing customer service, as you are also, one of a kind. Thanks!


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