Welcome 2021 – The worst is yet to come!

It is with open arms and a huge smile that we welcomed 2021 in recent weeks.

However hopeful, inspirational and positive that we may try to be. I am still processing how we made it through 2020 with all the madness currently in place.

Should we continue to progress everything ‘online’ and forget actual one-on-one relationships and interaction? I don’t think so. Perhaps there are new and improved ways since a world-wide-web crash would also be imminent. Or should we also trust something we don’t even know where it is based at? Where and who controls this world wide web?

Then, the real crisis would have begun I am certain. Not only because personally I own more digital/electronic devices, such as a Sony with MS windows laptop, an Apple desktop, a tablet, several ‘smart’ phones, several flat screen television sets, and Wi-Fi is everywhere you go. And why I believe chaos would then set in.

Imagine what would happen if a WWW crash takes place. All your money in digital platforms, gone. Banks that recently are being transformed into ‘investment’ institutions would no longer serve you. Actual countries would be no more, economies of scale would disappear and in only a matter of seconds, your life would be in dire straits. Finito, el fin, the end? You be the judge.

In less than a decade we have grown accustomed to the new digital era of ‘speed of light’ progress and self-serve gratification. A lot of it which we don’t even need, we were doing fine before all this happened, right?

Again, I am questioning my current status, because, see for yourself. Who would come to rescue you if you had a real emergency. No more grocery stores open, no more all-you-can-eat restaurant deliveries. If we no longer had ‘smart’ phones. The old wall telephones (one per house) no longer in place. No longer access to internet, no Wi-Fi, no world wide web. No telegram or morse code machines, no one you could communicate with. No access to your money, no money. On top of the ‘social distancing’ and Covid-19 preventive measures. No gasoline or electricity to charge your electric car, no car or motorcycle, no bicycle, just you and the road.

I, myself, have completely stopped booking any travel as I was used to do. My Range Rover has gotten spider webs growing in the last year since I have not driven much.

I am ‘hearing’ my hair grow these days and sensing my skin go dry due to lack of outdoor activity as I was so used to going and going in the past.

Perhaps, I did find a church group here in Arizona who’s thought about Plan B and C should something like this come to happen. Do you know what you could do yourself?

Carlos Solis

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