Ride or Die, The Superstition Mountain


Summer time is done for most of the continental states in this country of ours, but Arizona still has a few more weeks of hot weather. I am taking the time right now to weather proof one of my cars so I can take some road trips as the weather cools down.

This is when I say to my ride-or-die friends, who choose to join me on these far out travels, that my only advise is to prepare for a great time and to expect the unexpected.


We often visit museums, movie and music festivals and other extravagant and simple affairs such as Ostrich Festival, The Scottish Games which feature highland pageantry with bagpipes and drums, to the Renaissance Festival. Near the Christmas season upon us we may go to a Tuba Concert happening in Flagstaff. There’s one in Tempe, AZ that I have attended before and its definitely a lot of fun.


Who knows what awaits us for what’s left of 2019, only what Google and a couple invites that I have in my inbox, perhaps we do some research and depending on our journey we add a couple more exciting events and stops.


I’d say we will come back with more AirB&B Stories to share and perhaps some new and interesting activities we may have tried.


There’s so much out there and at times I only hope I had more time to spend seeing what a beautiful country we have, not only from the natural wonders of the world like the Grand Canyon, but plenty of hike spots with gorgeous trails like Havasupai Falls, that will surely amaze you with absolute picturesque and grandiose splendor.


Until next time, hopefully before the New Year celebrations, I will take the time to write an update on my end-of-year expeditions.

Be well.

Carlos Solis & Friends




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