Out on the town

Just came back from an Asian cuisine restaurant and was complemented on my Hawaii style shirt which made me look more like Panama Jack except I was not wearing my new fedora.

No, this is not the photo of one of the girls a the restaurant tonight, It just showed up on my feed from one of the models photographed last summer by yours truly. That’s all.


As hungry as I was, since it was past 20:00hrs-to my surprise, I got my veggies and shrimp (carrots and asparagus)  dinner order as fast as I got my smooth coconut drink.

Kitchens past 8pm seem faster than lightning these days in Arizona. Besides meeting a couple of nice sweet girls at this Asian fusion restaurant, this dish now seemed to be more like the one those NYC joints on 5th Ave serve than the local Tempe scene if you wanna know the truth.

The best part of tonight had to be meeting the said two lovely ladies who were just sipping a nice glass of red at the bar, I think they just had finished a marvelous dinner and were raving all about that too. It helps to ask when you don’t know the menu of a new restaurant, which in this case, new to me perhaps. Both ladies suggested what to order and I made my final decision with the waitress who spoke perfect Spanish.

I love practicing my language skills every time I have a chance. So as we cheered to a coconut drink along with their fine red wine and between all the baseball chatter and work related get-to-know each other stuff, after finding out that one of the 2 sitting to my left works in marketing, it just happens that I get an invite to a fun event this Sunday at Biltmore Fashion Park, where our new Phoenix Mayor, the honorable Kate Gallego will be ribbon cutting another exciting new business called ‘Meat the Ball’

I couldn’t stop but immediately think of Lucille Ball from ‘I Love Lucy’ and the rest is history. I did invite the girls to lunch for having suggested so many good things this evening and I am certainly most appreciative to restaurants like Flo’s Tempe who go above and beyond to please a rushing and imposing customer like myself.


If you happen to be in Tempe AZ these days, do stop at this corner near Baseline and Rural intersection where you will definitely find some of the most talked-about and fine Asian restaurants in the area.  The photo above is what I probably need to start wearing to these lovely little restaurants, they have so much to offer, I hated to show up in my summer shorts. Oh well. Until next time.

Be well…

Carlos Solis



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