Summer Blues


As the school year gets started once again, one of the spots that’s sure to have everything in the West coast if you have the ‘summer time blues’ is the glorious Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California.

As soon as I arrived from a long work week, make that two. I kicked back and enjoyed the food the restaurants provide in this unique spot, along with some awesome desserts to include ‘Gelato’ or ice-cream as some of you ‘world travelers’ may call it.

My favorite has got to be to relax on the sandy beach this hotel provides. There are always so many activities going on, with music and enough folks to feel like you are secluded in paradise. I did witness a wonderful wedding.

My next adventure coming up, will be sailing from San Diego on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise come October. I won a trip from my generous past travel mileage plan, and this time the exotic destination is called Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

If you never been on a Groove Cruise, this is something you will totally remember for a long time-if not for the rest of your life. Stay tuned. Cabo here we come!


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