North America

Totally my new favorite time to explore the north of the Americas is now-2018. What an amazing hemisphere we live in. Upon returning from my Caribbean cruise I decided to visit the capital of Vancouver, the lovely Victoria island. I went via the Clipper ferry. The following month (march) I got a chance to visit Vancouver and was also very impressed with how friendly and down-to-earth our Canadian neighbors are. So much diversity in food, arts and spots to go sightseeing. Since living in Arizona the cooler weather has done me good. Next I am heading to Alaska to the NE and Mexico City to my south.


I’ve been to Europe many times and can’t wait to start exploring Asia and South America some more. The last time I went to Peru was to build infrastructure and to Brasil was pure fun and a couple of business meetings with British investors. I am curious to explore Argentina and Uruguay to experience my favorite dance, the tango.


Will keep you posted and will definitely share highlights of my travels, no doubt about that. In the meantime, do stay healthy with your exercise routines, but be brave to try new foods from around the world if you haven’t. I constantly meet folks who don’t have a passport yet and my reply is always, get one-its the first step to discovering the world and seeing it from your own perspective.


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