Germany beats Chile 2-1


I totally celebrated Germany’s win yesterday in Russia as the 2017 Confederations Cup final match came to an end, these exhilarating ninety minute match made them winners against Chile. Portugal took third, even with the most valued player in ranking in the world (Ronaldo), Portugal did not come out on top, as many news networks had forecasted, and Mexico settled for the fourth place.

For now, the memories that will stand the test of time are how strategic was the German team to achieve the title in the Confederations Cup 2017. They played Chile well, they let Chile pull out all their best ‘plays’ during the first 20 minutes. Chile had plenty of chances to score but did not. Chile played beautifully, for those twenty minutes for sure.

While Germany just stood there figuring out how to take down the RED (Chile’s nick name in Spanish is LA ROJA) due to being the only South American team wearing all bright red colors in their uniform.

I admire the German team as they executed beautifully, matching Chile’s speed they only took advantage of fast and accurate plays, every time Chile made an error and every time Chile lowered their guard. Chile never expected to be scored the way it did. Germany scored only one goal, but only the one needed to be champions of the world again.

I am certain that all the strong contenders coming to Russia for the Fifa World Cup in 2018 will be watching how and if Germany takes the GOLD again. I would not doubt Germany anymore, they really know how to play the game of soccer well.

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