Scared to lose – UNC

As I watched UNC take home the national championship in college basketball, I realized how much one has to prepare to win.

UNC did not just get to the finals based on tenure in the sport, recruiting the best or being the first public university in the nation. You and I know that Michael Jordan got to play with this now favorite team before he got recruited by the NBA. And no, it is not the reputation the school has that got the 2017 team from UNC to the finals. They got to the Final Four giving everything they had. They had to beat a ton of other really good teams.

Gonzaga has a tremendous team and  they also, I am sure, had pictured themselves receiving the championship trophy. To me they are both equally good, but when it comes to receiving the prize, this factor made the difference-UNC fought with everything they had, focused and determined. They may have been scared to lose, but the winner inside them overcame all fear.

All the long hours practicing, picturing their best plays at work and then performing them with key strategic moves that even in the last few seconds were able to put into practice, under extreme pressure-got them to win. I believe you too, can reach your goals, everything you set your mind to do. 

Give it everything you got, be focused, determined. Prepare yourself to receive the prize.

And also, don’t let a giant, scare you…

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