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Total excitement for this new stage in my life. Growing pains and continued learning. I have always said, the day one stops learning is the day we are dead.

This year started off with me earning my United States Citizenship with an official oath on January 20th. The very same day Donald Trump became our president. The more reason to celebrate, at least I got something in common with president Trump. Ha!

As I ponder on what a great year this has been, I encourage you today more than ever to keep an open mind, especially when SO much information is available online and from various sources. Some reliable and some not so reliable. Learning can come from the least expected source, person, location and even modality. But your first gut almost always is correct.

Secondly, adjusting to change is always a must. Just like going to college is no longer the absolute source to learn, or how encyclopedias were at one point of our lives in the late 1900’s. Haha-I start to sound a little old just now…no worries, we are ALL getting old my friend.

Thirdly. I have learned so much, even from folks who I thought did not have anything to contribute to my growth-how wrong was I. For example, this year social media, technology and politics have made a huge impact in our daily lives, as I also expect our economies of scale and micro (at the home level) will be experiencing a major surge just as well due to bonds and other investments paying huge dividends after all.

So have a great day, whether you stop to hear someone totally foreign to your schedule today or someone that you had an appointment with, make the best of it and may your results this week be as productive as you want them to be.


Carlos Solis


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