A new day…


Every day, you have the chance to start fresh.

In the midst of either, working, looking for a job, not just any job, maybe a better job that pays you well and suits your abilities much better. Or maybe you are going to school and getting more education in other field so that you can see an improvement in your chosen career.

My wish for you is that ‘all’ your needs will be met without so many financial struggles and stress.

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As I sit at the beautiful Riparian Reserve, a well-appointed botanical garden today and ponder this subject that affects many all over the state, not just Arizona but also, in neighboring states.

Although the West coast is supposed to be a leader in wages and economic stability. It is not, so I am told. I do see, however, a tremendous growth with companies who are moving here to help prosper the cities they employ such as Uber, Google, Apple, Amazon and many others that I know you are very familiar with by now.

So today, I am gathering more background information because I feel is important to know the actual state of individuals who call the ‘West Coast’ home.

I wanna know what folks are doing to save funds to actually then take much needed vacations, buy appropriate transportation, so they can go to work or school, and since we know that fossil fuel powered vehicles will be outdated in a couple decades altogether, maybe sooner. I am sure TESLA can’t wait for that day when all cars are electric or solar powered.

And do let me know what are your dream destinations as well. Do interact with this webpage or any of my social media platforms provided at the end of this write-up.

And because I do love the few nature spots found here in Arizona.

Carlos Creek-2

The state of your well-being concerns me and I wanna know what can be done to help in any way I can, wether I can provide more resources to specific individuals who reach out to me, or point you in the right direction to movers and shakers who can help in the subject matter at hand.

Believe you me, I do come across many influencers, social media gurus, investors and even political figures or leaders who DO make a difference out there.

Now, is just a matter of working together and strategize your next move.

That’s how the world can experience real progress-I’ve learned long ago, but not many act on it, and not many publish with integrity and truth. In a new era of wild and free advertisement of lies, it is hard to discern from those that really have a heart and have an honest desire to help you and not make you the victim of fraud. I’ve seen too many of those out there only doing it for a quick buck. I hate marketers driving Ferraris and showing you off great mansions and extravagant life-styles, when, in the end, they are actually just trying so hard to sell you on a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Do not fall for any of those, I beg you. It is like ‘throwing your money’ away.

On that topic, I don’t do my blog to just show off that I can go to places, but to show ways I enjoy nature, exotic and different foods and many other intricacies that you will experience when traveling abroad.

So, go out there and if you are able, spoil yourself, take that well-deserved vacation to the dream destination you always pictured in your mind you would take.

In my case, I do a lot of local photography assignments and get hired to do photography and film all over the world. Pictured here a lady and her nice boat.


Experiencing other languages and meeting folks from around the world, has opened my eyes and brought me a new perspective, also a new approach to getting the most out of every day. Life is more than working to pay bills and one day just die.

Also lately, I noticed that I don’t let stress get me for lack of work, or too much work either, or if a check from a job does not get to me on time, I do not let that get the best of me. Of course, just like everyone, I wish to have a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Upon closing my quick rant today, I hope you can share with me some of ‘your’ travel adventures or if you prefer, daily living experiences. Even if you don’t get to travel much due to intensive work, studies or both. Tell me where the HOT jobs are also. It is no longer popular to be loyal to a company when that company is not loyal to you. I get it.

Or let me know what new field of study have you taken up these days.

Are YouTube videos really helping out?

Life is whatever you want it to be. I just enjoy mine, traveling and meeting diverse people from around the world. The food I eat there, and the photos I bring back are not that bad either!

Be blessed, have a great season, and until next time…

Carlos Solis



Summer Blues


As the school year gets started once again, one of the spots that’s sure to have everything in the West coast if you have the ‘summer time blues’ is the glorious Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California.

As soon as I arrived from a long work week, make that two. I kicked back and enjoyed the food the restaurants provide in this unique spot, along with some awesome desserts to include ‘Gelato’ or ice-cream as some of you ‘world travelers’ may call it.

My favorite has got to be to relax on the sandy beach this hotel provides. There are always so many activities going on, with music and enough folks to feel like you are secluded in paradise. I did witness a wonderful wedding.

My next adventure coming up, will be sailing from San Diego on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise come October. I won a trip from my generous past travel mileage plan, and this time the exotic destination is called Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

If you never been on a Groove Cruise, this is something you will totally remember for a long time-if not for the rest of your life. Stay tuned. Cabo here we come!


Mexico Under Your Skin

Fashion Show (Photos & Videos)

From 6:00pm-10:00pm on Saturday June 9, at the F.A.B.R.I.C. facilities in the heart of ASU in Tempe, Arizona. All the fashionistas gathered to view one of the most amazing shows to make a statement in the United States with emphasis on the top 12 fashion designers of Mexican heritage. There were even designers who specialize in children and teens.

The colors, the music, the models, every single detail was created to perfection as the hundreds of people who gathered therein were able to enjoy.

Univision, the Spanish broadcasting station was there during the preliminary work, the show and the after-party. Find the many media outlets with #mexicounderyourskin


Photo: Andrew Millett


Enjoy the fun…

(click here) Loving life video!


This month has been full of excitement with photo sessions and video segments to update modeling portfolios, head shots or celebrities’ blogs, such as in this case, I met with Thaia & Yvett, local TV personalities from What’s UP Arizona, also had the honor of meeting  the editor-in-chief of AZ HEAT Magazine, Mr. Derrick Washington. Mr. Anthony Jacobs of Alcatraz Records Entertainment was my sidekick as he took care of most of the still images in this occasion.

Visit my social media pages listed at the bottom of this article and again, enjoy the fun, as life was originally intended to be for everyone.

The bible tells me so…

Hawaii 5-0

Honolulu is a dream. I took a couple of days off from work to visit this charming island, capital of Hawaii. Once you arrive the folks do wanna help you with directions to your hotel or any other park, mall or beach that you wanna visit right away. How convenient that Waikiki Beach is only a few minutes drive away from downtown. Got to see all the landmarks from the hit show Hawaii 5-0. Locals do visit the beaches and are seen relaxing everywhere on days off. Pictured here taking the view, got a chance to take a nap, swim and enjoy the cool blue water. The ocean is fantastic after a 5 hour flight from Seattle. Next, I am going to Calgary and will post photos from this fantastic and super friendly city north of the USA, in Canada.


North America

Totally my new favorite time to explore the north of the Americas is now-2018. What an amazing hemisphere we live in. Upon returning from my Caribbean cruise I decided to visit the capital of Vancouver, the lovely Victoria island. I went via the Clipper ferry. The following month (march) I got a chance to visit Vancouver and was also very impressed with how friendly and down-to-earth our Canadian neighbors are. So much diversity in food, arts and spots to go sightseeing. Since living in Arizona the cooler weather has done me good. Next I am heading to Alaska to the NE and Mexico City to my south.


I’ve been to Europe many times and can’t wait to start exploring Asia and South America some more. The last time I went to Peru was to build infrastructure and to Brasil was pure fun and a couple of business meetings with British investors. I am curious to explore Argentina and Uruguay to experience my favorite dance, the tango.


Will keep you posted and will definitely share highlights of my travels, no doubt about that. In the meantime, do stay healthy with your exercise routines, but be brave to try new foods from around the world if you haven’t. I constantly meet folks who don’t have a passport yet and my reply is always, get one-its the first step to discovering the world and seeing it from your own perspective.


My boat is bigger…

On Dec 30th I had the opportunity to board my Carnival Magic ship and sail to the caribbean. The cruise is a fantastic way to see various countries, enjoy marvelous food, see the towns you want and meet the locals while on a few excursions.


We sailed from Port Canaveral in Florida, the place where space shuttles are launched to the moon and other planets, or just plain exploration. Basically that’s what I love doing while on this cruise. Our first stop was Grand Turk (Turks & Caicos), the snorkeling was amazing, a paradise on earth pretty much.


Next came our visit to the Dominican Republic. We anchored on Amber Cove Port, this is the actual shore where Christopher Columbus first landed when traveling with the Nina, La Pinta and La Santa Maria into the New World. Later we took a tour to Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada and Sosua-had a couple private catamaran sail boats take us on a morning snorkel, had a yummy lunch aboard, then an afternoon snorkel-probably the most fun I’ve had this year. I know for sure that I am now addicted to snorkeling.


The U.S. Virgin Islands had tremendous damage from Irma and Maria (tropical storms and hurricane) and so the visit there was deleted from our itinerary.

We did make a day stop in Old San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico-a United States territory. The Island is enchanted, literally, called ‘La Isla del Encanto’ because of it. I had the chance to do a self-paced walking tour in Old San Juan Fortress named in honor of Christopher Columbus, then Castle of San Felipe which is almost next door. Walked the cobble-stone streets and also had lunch with the locals. Puerto Ricans are very sociable, friendly and sweet. Had a chance to see ‘La Perla’ which is the location where Zuleyka Rivera first appears with Luis Fonsi in the opening scene of ‘Despacito’ – the most watched music video in the world.

Puerto Rico

It is almost the end of January 2018 and I feel like I want to go back for another cruise in the Spring, Summer or Fall. Maybe Xcaret or Playa del Carmen in Mexico. I do have one booked to Cabo San Lucas in October for sure, this time with Norway Cruise Line.

Thank you for reading about my end-of-the-year activities. I feel sharing personal experiences gives us a wider view of our surroundings. This internet ‘free’ knowledge sharing method seems to be working for many, whether for business, pleasure or just passing the time. I wish the best for you also, have a fantastic year.


Keep  in touch!

Carlos Solis

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